Let’s Play a Game

Let’s Play a Game
A view of Player 2

…about solving interpersonal conflicts!

If you’ve been feeling anxious, upset, or angry lately, and maybe need a little nudge in the right direction to resolve it, we’ve got something that might help:

Player 2 is a game where you get to fill in the blanks and make sense of what you’re going through. If you’ve had a falling out with someone that’s put you in one of your worse moods,  this game will help you confront those feelings and hopefully sort them out for the better.

Happy playing!

(No jump scares, I promise.)


Vidya Koesmahargyo

Although my interest in working in medicine predates the start of my college career, it was only recently that I developed an affinity for medical research. I was part of the Carl Sagan Program in my high school, where we took classes on how to successfully conduct our own research projects and present them. After conducting my own at the end of my senior year, I felt that research was certainly a field I’d like to pursue. I have struggled with mental health issues myself, so it was both a personal and academic curiosity that led me to the Humanology Project. I hope to shed some light on the gritty topics that still struggle to be included in the discourse on public health. In my spare hours, I consume copious amounts of poetry, ambient music, and embark on the occasional urban exploration.

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