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An Overview of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a natural response that our bodies use when confronted with stressful situations. Everyone has experienced nervousness or apprehension before a big event at some point in their life, but for people with an anxiety disorder, that worry and uneasiness can hit them sporadically and start to negatively impact the way they live. Even though anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States, only “about one-third of those suffering receive treatment” (“Facts and Statistics”).

Anxiety Disorders and its Overlap with Eating Disorders

While the relationship between anxiety and eating disorders may seem minimal at first, there is certainly more than what meets the eye. In fact, the link between the two is quite profound. For example, it is more than common for individuals with eating disorders to also have anxiety or anxiety-related disorders (i.e. social anxiety disorders, panic disorder, agoraphobia, etc.) (“Eating Disorders”). This relationship is perhaps due to commonalities in how both diseases come to origin and develop (“Eating Disorders”).