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Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders


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Modernizing Medicine through Internet-delivered Treatments

One way of providing treatment to a wider range of those who need it is through the Internet using Internet-delivered CBT, or ICBT (Vigerland et al. 2013).  This special kind of cognitive behavioral therapy has done well with adults who have anxiety disorders, and there are also studies that have demonstrated that this method can make for good results with children as well (Vigerland et al. 2013).

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Stigma: Preventing People from Getting Treatment

They don’t get treatment because they don’t want it, and often one reason why they don’t want it is because of the stigma surrounding mental illness.  They see the way people with mental illnesses are portrayed on the evening news, they see news anchors warning their viewers that having a mental illness makes a person violent and undesirable.  Even though this is not at all the truth about people with mental illnesses, who would want to be linked to such terrible ideas?